Forum Comments- My survey questions– please email by Monday 8pm.

I enjoyed it and I am glad I went, one candidate was not in attendance Kevin K. but he sent his regrets.

The council chamber was filled and if you know when it will be replayed on Rogers please let me know so I can record it. I am waiting until later to post more , I captured speeches and the question session on my audio recorder that I took with me.

Comments on procedure I was a bit put off by– only because I wanted as much participation as possible by the average person.

Some probably expected me to ask more questions or be more visible at this but I chose not to because I want others to be involved plus I have this blog and I already sent my questions to candidates. I emailed a question in before the deadline but it was not asked, I guess it is sent to the candidates, I will see what happens.

When I arrived I did not sign in because I already sent my question in by email. The only thing that bugged me a bit was the fact that I am the type that would have wanted to ask a question AFTER I had heard the candidates speak.

Upon arriving a form was available if you had a question to ask but you had write it and submit before the candidates made their 3 minute speeches. What if you were undecided and not sure what to ask? What if you wanted to ask for more info based on what they said.

This could have been done the following way to allow spontaneous questions and also submit at the beginning. When I went to the King and Queen (The Flaherty’s) of Whitby’s town hall last winter they neglected to tell people in advance that questions had to be submitted in writing BUT at least they continued to collect in a basket questions from the audience.

What CDCD could have done was — Questions submitted in email and before speeches THEN– either 2 microphones on either side of the chamber for those that want to ask a question to stand and line up. At some point in the interest of time Candidates answer time had gone from 2 minutes to 1 minute.

At about 8:30 pm they extended the question session but kept the time the candidates could answer to 1 minute. Audience showed hands and it never even got to the point of actually seeing who was opposed. Many times they could not answer the question fully. Some felt that since it was agreed that answer time would be 2 mins. they should go back to that.

I am going away tomorrow for the weekend but I am back on Sunday. Monday is a holiday and I will post the questions I sent to all the candidates and the answers I have received.

I have received Brian Johnson’s, I will be getting Oliver’s soon, I spoke to Randy Low, Chandra Kumuran, Chris Crawford and others being given the impression that I would be receiving responses.

Oh one other thing, the candidate that I have stated is the preferential one by some councillors and the Mayor was lucky to give the best answer to the police station question first. It is easy to play on people’s fears about law and order, a police department- a building for police to be in is not the best use of our money. We want officers on the street, not in the office. Others agreed with him on this fact. There are times when hard choices have to be made, a councillor sometimes has to look you in the eye and say NO. It is our job as a citizen to listen to the why. I do feel a shared use for a community location is still warranted like what we had in McLeans Centre.

Council is not a business though, cause if it was– I think I would close up shop and move it to Mexico.

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