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Niagara At Large - new site linked to

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I found a new site today, this is an excellent article about the Casino in Fort Erie that will be closed.

The link is on Other Council Watchdog sites page on the lower right side.   The site is independent news and commentary.

Doug Draper is the founder of the site.

Edit to fix the link.

Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Keep having meetings — people will come-  South Ajax take note please.

Chris Alexander was not in attendance but sent a Rep, Joe Dickson was in for a while.

Ward 2 would like to invite the Mayor to come to the next one and answer their questions.

Different community , some common issues but unlike the last Ward 1 meeting I went to there were no budget questions- I don’t mean Michael Baker budget questions but there were a few on the process from the last one but this meeting crowd was more interested in services.   One question about the increasing taxes every year.

The meetings will continue to be informal, the feedback was quarterly was enough for meeting frequency.  One person did say that he was at the last one so he wanted a section for followup - he used the word action items I think.   Which is what should happen, it has to be two way , residents can’t just continue to voice concerns without updates on the solutions.

Also I learned that the reason the Council meeting was cancelled Monday was there is a conference in the City and guess what– The Mayor is staying in the City for the duration whereas Shaun said he was going back and forth daily.  It started on Sunday and finishes today or tomorrow, I forgot that part.

Near the end Renrick brought up the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair and a few people put their hands up that they support it, the rest never really thought about it and some think it’s a good idea.   Since Renrick brought up the structure of Regional Government it gave me the opportunity to inform the crowd that our Mayor who is also a Regional Council has only attended 2 Health and Social Services Committee meetings I asked him why , he said “Why don’t you ask him”  I said I will,  then he asked the crowd if they would like the Mayor invited to a meeting to respond to questions, they said yes.   OK but I will ask him before that happens.

I will update more later.

Push for MUSH - Ombudsman Oversight - Public Forum coming

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I have written in the past about Ombudsman of Ontario lack of oversight in the following jurisdictions.  - Municipalities, Universities, School Boards and Hospitals.  Ontario is one of the only Provinces that does not give this oversight to the Ontario Ombudsman.

I have said in the past that Voices of Ajax — myself, wanted to hold educational sessions on Municipal issues, I have finally become aware of some very inexpensive public space.  

I will be planning something and I invite all to come and find out what Push for MUSH means to you. 

 Here is a link to read about it.

Don’t just dismiss it, if you don’t understand what it is all about ask.  I am not an expert but can find the answers to your questions.

An example could be:  Your loved one has repeated issues in a Nursing Home, you are not getting resolution to your complaints,  currently you have no where else to go.  The Ombudsman of Ontario would be the logical place of last resort– Not if you live in Ontario or New Brunswick but everywhere else in Canada has their Provincial Ombudsman office oversee this sector.

Another Example: You have a child with special needs or any issue in the school board, you go as far as you can but again, no resolution is found.   The Ombudsman office can’t help you in Ontario.

You have a complaint not getting a resolution in an Ontario Hospital?  Only Ontario does not give the Ombudsman office this jurisdiction.  Ontario is the only one!   Why????

This is an important issue.  We pay huge amounts of tax dollars to the Municipal level of Government but if have an ongoing issue that is not getting resolved, you have no recourse with the Ontario Ombudsman– only some closed meeting issues can be resolved. 

Just plain ticked and confused - CCAC Home Care services

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

My mother had a fall in early December , She fell , broke her hip and had 3 pins put in her hip. Time between discharge from St. Catharines General Hospital coming to Ajax here with me and back to St. Catharines to her apartment just under a month so my Mother was technically in the 30 day free rental period for supportive equipment ordered by the Physiotherapist — paid by OHIP and the last time I checked OHIP is a provincial service.   The people I dealt with for the most part have been pleasant and courteous ok,  my problem is their difference in policies.   (more…)

Casts - Negative Option billing at the Hospital? Ajax-Pickering

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Over the holidays I have been conversing on my facebook about an issue that a friend has experienced at the Hospital and she gave me permission to relay her experience on my blog. 

A friend of mine had a fall and ended up at the Ajax Pickering Hospital.  I will copy in what she has outlined in facebook.

When I injured my foot/ankle a few weeks ago nearly and followed up with the surgeon in the fracture clinic he sent me down to the other clinic where they do the tests and next thing you know I was being fitted for a ‘Air Cast Foam Walker’ . I was beside myself and in pain and did not know enough to question the doctors best judgment when he recommended this for me. Only to discover after being fitted by the cast tech for this Air cast and to be handed a form indicating that I will be responsible for the payment once the invoice comes in at $190 - wow and I am only on ODSP and I told the cast technician this. I would had much rather been put in a $50 foot/ankle cast…

At first we were discussing the fact that she had to pay for a cast since she was on Ontario Disability in the first place, it is up to her to get the bill from the Hospital and submit to ODSP to pay the Hospital,  why the Hospital can’t bill direct is what everyone pretty much wondered.  (more…)

The reason I filed FOI - should I appeal? — choked on bagel

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Here is why I filed the Freedom of Information.  I had heard a rumour and I normally don’t post rumours but it’s my money I have been paying so I will state the rumour and you my occasional readers tell me if I should continue.   (more…)

Freedom of a little Information- Will file appeal in September

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I am waiting for the summer vacation brain to get back into the swing of things,  I will investgate the appeal process in September.  No point in starting anything right now.

Freedom of a little Information

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Update to my Freedom of Information request in the Town of Ajax (FOI) - I will add FOI to my Municipal lingo cheatsheet-  As suggested by a reader I clarified my request and the Town did not charge me another $5.00 , I have received a new response and an index of records I will receive and records I won’t be getting and the reason why. 

 I am not posting anything until after I pick up the package and read it.  I am not getting some of the information I asked for.   July 29th is my next day off from my regular job and that is when I requested the package be ready.    

I have learned that Town only cares about the contractor– the Contractor can sub contract and that sub contractor can sub contract so the names of companies involved are not necessarily part of the public record. 

I do look forward to reading through the info I will get, make a final decision at that point about appealing regarding the records that will not be released.

Rules- Why bother? Other stuff

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I read the following article online about a recent election spending issue, in Pickering, here is a link to the metroland story.   Here is the quote that really bothers me.

“The issue would first go to the City’s compliance audit committee that would consider the issue and make recommendations to the Province. But this will only happen if someone files a complaint.”

 What they don’t tell you is if the audit committee decided there was no basis for the audit then the person that filed the complaint has to pay the costs!   Who is going to complain? (more…)

Email from Marsha Dooley -

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I have received the following in an email and , yes I was thinking the same thing!


Can someone tell me where the parking fees go? Do they go directly to the hospital?
I don’t mind paying a ‘user fee’ for parking if it goes to the hospital.
However I’m concerned that this will severely hurt our seniors on fixed incomes.
How can an elderly couple afford these fees when visiting a sick spouse, especially daily!
Anyone with comments and fee details please!
Marsha Dooley
Elect Dooley - Councillor Ward 3 Ajax

This posted today by the NewsAdvertiser :
August 03, 2010

AJAX — Parking fees are set to go up at the Ajax-Pickering hospital.
As of Monday, Aug. 9, the current system of tokens will be replaced by a new computerized system meant to enhance parking services at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering hospital.
The new fees will match those at the Scarborough site.
Prices will now be $4 for up to 30 minutes, $8 for 31 to 60 minutes, $12 for 61 minutes to 90 minutes, and $16 for 91 minutes or more. Day passes are also available with in and out privileges for $16.
The new machines will offer the ability to pay by cash or credit.
Patients and visitors will have to use the entrance to the west lot off of Harwood Avenue. Before entering the lot, they’ll take a ticket from the dispenser, signalling the gate to open.
They should keep the ticket with them while inside the hospital, and before leaving, pay at a parking machine. The machine will be located in the emergency entrance foyer, and others will be added in the future.
When exiting the lot, patients and visitors are to insert the validated ticket into the exit gate.
If anyone needs help, the gates and pay stations are connected via intercom to the security office.

Admin: When my neighbour had her stroke in December we shared a pass with the neighbours but a family member and spouse pays the most. It’s too bad because when you think about it, nurses do not have the time to offer the level of care they once did and family members have to pick up the slack to make sure their loved ones eat their meal and just help to watch over things.