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GGC meetings on Youtube- March 21st

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

I forgot these are uploaded to Youtube, I am listening while at work!  Writing on my break.

Councillor Renrick Ashby has declared a conflict of interest.

Was told it was already dealt with though — who knows what it is about though at this point  edit– minutes state it is due to a lease agreement. (more…)

New page - Durham Region Municipality Public Meetings - Page updates

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Update on Minutes page- March 26th minutes are linked to.   In the Council meeting Minutes you also have the minutes of various Advisory Committees,  watch for news about a Farmer’s Market that hopefully will be on Saturdays  in Pickering Village area.

I have added a new page that links to each of Durham’s 8 Municipalities Public Meetings links if they exist or main page.  With the Direct Election results at the Region on the 4th of April it is important to watch for the public meetings that will be scheduled in other Communities, I will plan to go to Whitby’s if I don’t have anything else to do.

New Page on right side- Verbatim Records of meetings

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I created a new page to document the activities of this wider issue I am advocating for.

Verbatim Records of meetings.  In the pages section.  

Hansard– Why not at the Municipal level

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I have come to the conclusion that the ultimate method of having Municipal council minutes better and more informative to the citizen that was not there is to not have minutes at all but have this.

The debates of the House of Commons are reported verbatim, recording correctly what was said by each Member in the House. Slight verbal alterations are allowed to be made by a Member in order to make the meaning more precise and accurate; however, no words or phrases may be inserted to effect material changes in the meaning of what was actually said in the House.

Hansard.   I ask why not?

I have read minutes of meetings I was at and there is no mention of councillors questions on anything or staff responses,  just “The issue of  _____ was discussed”  I would like to know more!

So what if the council meeting is broadcast on tv,  if I miss it I want to read the record.  I can watch CPAC and watch question period, doesn’t mean I can’t read the hansard a year later if I want to.

Sounds like a question for the Province because any time you want to change something at the Municipal level they just point upwards.

Joe?  Joe Dickson are you there? What do you think?

Then I could do just what How’d they Vote do stats on them.

Technically the Hansard is created because they record the official spoken word at the “meeting” .  It’s amazing that technology has advanced that software exists to take the recorded audio and transcribe it for editing.  Not like some clerk has to sit and type it all up!

Ajax Council 2012 Agenda and Minutes New Page on Right

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I have listed the Council and Committee meetings on a page , Agenda’s and Minutes will be linked to when available and if there is anything of major interest I will make note.

Blog posts get buried as new ones are posted,  pages are separate and I edit them to update.

Committee Meetings- Voluntary- Compare Parish to Whitby and Pickering Mayors

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I learned today that Regional standing committee meetings are not mandatory to attend.  There are attendance requirements for Council meetings however, good thing!

I wanted to see how our Neighbour Mayors in Whitby and Pickering do with their Committee appointments and here they are.

Regional Councillor Reports — Get them on Town Website

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Currently if you want to read a Regional Councillor report you have to go to the Town of Ajax Minutes and find them,. they could be verbal or circulated separately.  They really make us citizens work!   So on behalf of all of you residents I have sent the following communication, I think if you send it to the Clerk it will be distributed officially to all the council and is in the official minutes — online.


Time to record In Camera meetings - audio?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Interesting article I came across today.–ombud-wants-secret-meetings-recorded

Doubt it would happen here!

I thought this was resolved - GGC meeting location

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I received a copy of an email from Mr. Baker.  I am going to paste a paragraph out of order and put it to the top,  I will have my comments and then the rest of his email in full context will be lower down and if you want to read it you are free to do so.  

Mr. Baker’s words:

When I came before council & requested that all GGC meetings be held in chambers so that anyone attending their meetings could see & hear everything going on was told that they (members of council) like meeting in the River Plate Room because it’s more comfortable for them. The message to me was that in spite of the money spent on a sound system & design of chambers that was intended to welcome people to meetings members of council preferred to meet around a closed table in a room that had no sound system so that a person such as I with hearing problems who was known to be a regular attendee at GGC meetings could nether see what was going on or hear what was going on. And we all know how important GGC meetings are in the decision-making political process.


I remember speaking to Mr. Baker on this issue before and I thought it was resolved or it just quietly went away and we all went on to other things.

Mr. Baker goes to GGC meetings because he can and basically he is there on behalf of all of us who work during the day and can’t attend the meeting where they do the most work.   The Province expects Councils all over Ontario to do the bulk of their work at the committee level, the council meeting really is a formality to ratify everything that has happened at committee meetings.  Ajax has two committees,  GGC , General Governmental Committee and CAP- Community Affairs and Planning.   All major issues and votes start at GGC on non Planning issues.    So if you are a citizen with a hearing impairment , good luck participating in our local democracy.   Large Municipalities would not have all the councillors on the same committees and the result would be more discussion of the issues at the council meeting.   

Staff looked into this microphone issue if I recall but for some reason a sound system and microphone does not seem to be doable.   The meeting should be in Council chamber just like the CAP meeting.   Do we need to get that guy that lobbied for bus stops to be called out and TTC stops to come to Ajax and give a lesson in addressing disabilities?

Maybe the next council will finally address this inequity.    Maybe a gaggle of people with hearing issues need to show up at a GGC meeting before the election and just keep saying “Eh? What you say? , speak up!”

Below is Mr. Bakers email in it’s entirety, (more…)

Ajax Municipal report card

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

There must be a new writer of the report cards! This is the worse our council has ever received collectively.

I have not been to a council meeting all year so I can’t really comment on anything but the overall environment. Now that my Mother’s house is sold and she is doing well in her apartment I can begin to follow things a bit better when the new term begins.

I agree that our council does not debate enough– there is a difference between grandstanding and debating the issues. The residents need to see councillors stand on things and if an issue is debated at the untelevised GGC meeting the same views should be expressed at the televised Council meeting.

This is due to having a long standing Mayor, Mississauga suffered from the same type of environment before their Parrish came to the table.

We have no challenger for Mayor and that is sad.

Someone told me our Mayor was in a meeting with a Cabinet Minister in the Harris Government and other Mayors , he did not like what he heard and got up and left. Isn’t that a bit hot headed ? Not very diplomatic. Our Mayor may stand against others in the Region but I still feel Ajax suffers from his personal relationships with those around us. A kindergarden teacher probably put on his report card “Does not play well with others”. It is possible to oppose what you don’t believe in and still be respected by your peers.