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Renrick Ashby article in Toronto Star

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Here is a link to the Star article, it is online now and probably in print tomorrow.

Pay to Use Carpool lanes - Stupid! Slap in face to carpoolers

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Ont. Finance Minister Charles Sousa was floating the idea of single occupant vehicles paying to use the HOV lanes.   My carpool was livid and we don’t even have the use of them on our commute.

The carpool lanes were put in place to encourage carpooling and they are growing in use.  I have coworkers in Mississauga that use the QEW lanes and the 404 lanes.  There are those that are against carpool lanes because they claim the lanes will just be added to the road capacity and revert to regular lanes in time.  Don’t prove them right.

The original plan for the QEW widening did not include carpool lanes but the Halton Environmental Network lobbied hard to have the carpool lane constructed since they were doing the road work anyways while the 404 was a planned carpool project. (more…)

Direct Election of the Regional Chair- Durham

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The Region of Durham is holding a public meeting tomorrow morning at 10 am,  I am taking the day off work to attend.

This is in regards to the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair position. 

I have a confession to make.  In 2006 when only Ajax, Oshawa and Pickering had the question on the ballot, I voted No.   Let me explain.  I thought at least the Chair should come from elected Councillors though. 

I was under the impression the Regional Chair was a figurehead and only chaired meetings and was like the Speaker of the house per say, I know it sounds silly but really what do other people know about his role, the average citizen , of which I was in 2006 before opening this blog.   I did not think he had a tie breaking vote though like the elected Speaker in Ottawa.
I was not as politically aware in either Ajax or Durham politics.   I don’t vote yes for something I don’t understand. 

Then…. I learned the Regional Chair moves motions and has a lot more power then I knew so in 2010 I did vote Yes. 

Over 200K in salary, moves motions, sits on every Committee, should be elected by me.

Others say- “Why not appoint from sitting Mayors or Council?” 
** I don’t get to vote for anyone but a single Ward and Regional Councillor plus my own Mayor. 
**Local candidates run local elections in scope.

Urge your Council to support this Democratic method of Selection of the Regional Chair.

 I will endorse the site :    It’s my job as a citizen do this advocacy.

If you can’t make it to the meeting tomorrow, let your views be known to Councillors, your own and WHITBY’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Ajax Council 2012 Agenda and Minutes New Page on Right

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I have listed the Council and Committee meetings on a page , Agenda’s and Minutes will be linked to when available and if there is anything of major interest I will make note.

Blog posts get buried as new ones are posted,  pages are separate and I edit them to update.

Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Keep having meetings — people will come-  South Ajax take note please.

Chris Alexander was not in attendance but sent a Rep, Joe Dickson was in for a while.

Ward 2 would like to invite the Mayor to come to the next one and answer their questions.

Different community , some common issues but unlike the last Ward 1 meeting I went to there were no budget questions- I don’t mean Michael Baker budget questions but there were a few on the process from the last one but this meeting crowd was more interested in services.   One question about the increasing taxes every year.

The meetings will continue to be informal, the feedback was quarterly was enough for meeting frequency.  One person did say that he was at the last one so he wanted a section for followup - he used the word action items I think.   Which is what should happen, it has to be two way , residents can’t just continue to voice concerns without updates on the solutions.

Also I learned that the reason the Council meeting was cancelled Monday was there is a conference in the City and guess what– The Mayor is staying in the City for the duration whereas Shaun said he was going back and forth daily.  It started on Sunday and finishes today or tomorrow, I forgot that part.

Near the end Renrick brought up the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair and a few people put their hands up that they support it, the rest never really thought about it and some think it’s a good idea.   Since Renrick brought up the structure of Regional Government it gave me the opportunity to inform the crowd that our Mayor who is also a Regional Council has only attended 2 Health and Social Services Committee meetings I asked him why , he said “Why don’t you ask him”  I said I will,  then he asked the crowd if they would like the Mayor invited to a meeting to respond to questions, they said yes.   OK but I will ask him before that happens.

I will update more later.

Concerned Citizens for Smart Transit - Facebook Group

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I was recently contacted by someone I met over 5 years ago who shared my interest for Transit in Durham Region.   I created the group called Concerned Citizens for Smart Transit– I had buttons made that said “Help! I don’t work downtown Toronto”  I did the best I could with it, metroland even offered me a blog , I called it Transit Nightmares.   It was fun but in time I ran out of new stuff to write about!   I was advocating for better transit before my employer moved from North York to Mississauga.  I went to Transit Advisory Committee meetings.

My contact said the group should be revived, he told me transit in Durham is costing us $9.30 a ride per taxpayer.   I think part of this is due to the Region having to pay the full cost to GO transit for the Highway 2 service on a DRT ticket fare.  Is it value for our money?

I had to give up my use of transit as I am working in Mississauga and it just did not work for me.   I do carpool though.

If you are interested in the facebook group just do a search on the name above and you can be added to it.

Durham Transit riders deserve better!  Highschool students , College/University Students , Commuters , Employers.

This is a provincial election period and Transit needs to be high on the priority!  

Support our Farmer’s Markets - Ajax and Pickering - Community Garden Open House

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

We have 2 Farmer’s markets to choose from in the Ajax and Pickering area, the first one is at Vandemeers every Thursday from 1-6pm  until October 27th, the next time I am home in time on a Thursday I will check it out. 

If you are in the Pickering area and available earlier there is a new Market running weekly at Ontario Power Generation.   Here is some information I was provided from Don Terry.

Everyone is invited to our farmers’ market in Pickering…Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m…It’s on the north west side of Montgomery Park Road (Brock Road south and west on Montgomery)…Watch for signs directing you…Local farm fresh fruit, vegetables, breads, baking, beef, lamb, preserves, jams, kettle corn, and much more… 


15 Story Condo– Update

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Mr. Baker wrote my post before I could.  Here is is last comment that will serve for now until I get to my full post.  

15 Storey Condo Public Meeting

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Nancy Henry sent me the following meeting notice.

Here is an interesting article on High Denisity in Durham.    This is the scenario that is playing out at Rossland and Harwood.  

This is why planning is so important and involving the existing community is paramount for harmony. 

The meeting is not in the public meeting list yet on the Town Site. 

Just a reminder about old issue– Lack of Consultation - Miles Park

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Not sure why but I was prompted last night on Twitter to remind someone of an old issue ,  within this last Council term however.   The term is 4 years and that is a long time.  

We almost lost the greenspace behind Cadarackque school, was in ward 2 , now in ward 4 ,  the main issue was lack of consulting the school community and neighbourhood.

The school board was fine with the Land Swap and had no problem with houses coming right up to the yard edge resulting in the loss of park area directly behind the school and if the group I was in did not stand up and do something we would have seen the entire park area moved to where Miles park is now.  Trustees at the time were no help.

The Council agreed in-camera to swap land with Runnymede to get a redeveloped Miles Park. (more…)