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OMFG- I can’t believe what I just read

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

First off,  Brock readers are in Durham so the Brock Citizen should be part of  not Kiwartha times or whatever,  Kiwartha doesn’t give a crap about Durham chair I bet. 

Here is todays article,  read Keith Shier’s comments, the way it is coming across, the voters who voted yes did not really understand the question, the article does not indicate his support. So if I am wrong, correct me.  

Now on the premise that Keith is not for direct election, his candidate profile is very suspect.  “There should be no secret deals or meetings”  I agree fully.

The referendum question was on all ballots in the Region last election, it was candidates responsibility to educate the electorate.  

All Durham news sources of metroland should be together. 

No doubt many Brock residents work in neighbouring York Region and Kiwartha but for political boundaries, they are in Durham Region and should be exposed to the news of Durham Region. 

Action Committee Meeting- Accountability Starts at the Top

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I went to the meeting tonight, it was interesting, met some nice people and no one hit me on the head with a baseball bat.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous as I did not know how some view me in this issue.  I explained myself and hopefully they took it for what it was.

I am planning to take the day off work to attend the April 4th meeting at the Region, who want’s to go?

There was a gentlemen that made the trip all the way down from Port Perry,  He is not happy with the stance the north communities have taken.

I can say that some citizens are taking up the cause, the ones in the room will be contacting councils in their municipalities but I will also be reaching out.

I will ask Councillors though and if they tell me their vote plan I will share it here on the blog. Not going to speculate at this point.

What are your thoughts on Direct Election?

I would like Ajax people to show up , regular citizens and show you care about it.

Councillor Shaun Collier stopped in for a few minutes.

Mayor Parish Committee Attendance- Metroland article

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I won’t bother writing my own post, I don’t have much to add.  Here is the online
article.  I was emailed for my comments, it was a complete surprise to me!  

I did not hunt down the joint committee meetings and the article said he has gone to half of those.

Maybe the Region should ask for it’s money back on the time missed? 

I think the Town of Ajax pays his full salary and the Regional portion is paid back to Ajax from the Region.  He does not get two cheques.  

What do you think?   He claims he was doing other Mayoral duties during the committee time, should the citizens of Whitby and Pickering , Oshawa etc. cover this?

Here’s an idea, the base Regional Councillor pay should be for the Mandatory Regional Council meetings then be paid per meeting attended.  

The Parish Bylaw we can call it.   

Assign his pay and vote to Shaun or Colleen or he needs to make the time to be at the meetings. 

Moved by Karem Allen
Seconded by  Shaun Collier or Colleen Jordan ????????

Pickering Notice of Motion- March 26th Code of Conduct

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

I stumbled upon this on the City of Pickering’s website landing page.  Imagine a Council document easy to find!
It is a Notice of Motion for a Code of Conduct.  I went to their website looking to see if anything like could occur in Pickering and if the Code of Conduct is adopted, it would not according to item 15 in the Interaction with the Public, Other Members and City Staff.  It is very clear that Staff can not be engaged in partisan political activities.   I view the website created by Ajax staff as a partisan activity.

I searched the Ajax Town site and could not find ours, I am sure we have one as I was told we did.

I found a code of conduct for anyone who wants to address council  but not the one for Council.

Shakes head.

Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Keep having meetings — people will come-  South Ajax take note please.

Chris Alexander was not in attendance but sent a Rep, Joe Dickson was in for a while.

Ward 2 would like to invite the Mayor to come to the next one and answer their questions.

Different community , some common issues but unlike the last Ward 1 meeting I went to there were no budget questions- I don’t mean Michael Baker budget questions but there were a few on the process from the last one but this meeting crowd was more interested in services.   One question about the increasing taxes every year.

The meetings will continue to be informal, the feedback was quarterly was enough for meeting frequency.  One person did say that he was at the last one so he wanted a section for followup - he used the word action items I think.   Which is what should happen, it has to be two way , residents can’t just continue to voice concerns without updates on the solutions.

Also I learned that the reason the Council meeting was cancelled Monday was there is a conference in the City and guess what– The Mayor is staying in the City for the duration whereas Shaun said he was going back and forth daily.  It started on Sunday and finishes today or tomorrow, I forgot that part.

Near the end Renrick brought up the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair and a few people put their hands up that they support it, the rest never really thought about it and some think it’s a good idea.   Since Renrick brought up the structure of Regional Government it gave me the opportunity to inform the crowd that our Mayor who is also a Regional Council has only attended 2 Health and Social Services Committee meetings I asked him why , he said “Why don’t you ask him”  I said I will,  then he asked the crowd if they would like the Mayor invited to a meeting to respond to questions, they said yes.   OK but I will ask him before that happens.

I will update more later.

Committee Meetings- Voluntary- Compare Parish to Whitby and Pickering Mayors

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I learned today that Regional standing committee meetings are not mandatory to attend.  There are attendance requirements for Council meetings however, good thing!

I wanted to see how our Neighbour Mayors in Whitby and Pickering do with their Committee appointments and here they are.

Council Reacts to Covert Website- Durham Region article

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Here is Tara’s second article online, probably print for Saturday.–ajax-council-reacts-to-revelation-political-website-owned-by-town

 Another reason the Mayor really messed up is because it taints the whole issue, who knows now if the emails that councillors have received are real,  could be made up people , who knows.

It’s about Trust!  it certainly is.

Lingering Questions:  Where was Brian Skinner in all this? Our CAO ?  He is the top man for the Staff side.  Did the Mayor just walk up to Kevin or communications staff and instruct them to throw this site together?

Did Brian Skinner our very highly paid CAO take the request to the staff?

Just what happens down at that Town Hall?

Website- Whois information changed

Friday, February 24th, 2012

When I checked the owner of the accountability from the top website the information I saw was this:

WHOIS information for :
[Redirected to]
Registration Service Provided By: SIBERNAME.COM
Contact: +1.8006138915

Selecting a domain name is only one part of your  web site’s success, who hosts your web site is important too.

You can also trust us with the critical task of hosting your business Web site.

Town of Ajax
Kevin xxx(edit by me)        (
65 Harwwod Avenue South
ON,L1S 2H9
Tel. +905.1925293375

Creation Date: 23-Jan-2012
Expiration Date: 23-Jan-2013

Someone emailed me telling me they did not see the Town shown as the owner so I looked again.  They are using now , they act as a go between for the owner and anyone who wants to contact them.   They don’t own any domains.  This is their website.,

If you do a Who is query on the domain name now you will see this .

Domain Admin        (
ID#10760, PO Box 16
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit
Nobby Beach
null,QLD 4218

Tel. +45.36946676

Creation Date: 23-Jan-2012
Expiration Date: 23-Jan-2013

Domain servers in listed order:

Administrative Contact:
Domain Admin        (
ID#10760, PO Box 16
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit
Nobby Beach
null,QLD 4218

Tel. +45.36946676

So if I did not copy what I saw Wednesday  night, I would never have known it was owned by the Town.

So they admitted ownership but are now hiding the contact info so they don’t get spammed I guess.

New page on right side - Roll Call

Friday, February 24th, 2012

In the Pages section to the right there is a new page.

It is for attendance at Committee meetings and Council meetings at the Regional level, Mayor Parish is first and the others will get done later.

Maybe this is why we need a 4th councillor?  To take his place at meetings?

If a conflict with another meeting was the issue surely he could be removed from the committee and be put on another one?

The page will be updated every month.

Accountability Starts at the Top– Owner of Website

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The following is a copy of an Email I sent — I don’t expect a reply but it really bothers me.  This does not mean I don’t support Direct Election of the Regional Chair ,  it means I am pro transparency and proper use of the Town of Ajax resources.


Mr. Parish, Mr. Skinner

Who requested that the Town’s resources- Mr. Kevin xxxx(edit) , our Social Media Communications Director be used to create a website and register a domain that is clearly for political lobbying and to incite Citizen

I honestly don’t think this is right and it misleads the public.

There is no indication on the website of as of 10:39am that the site is connected to the Town of Ajax.

I really don’t know what else to say except that this blatant misuse of power dissappoints me.

This is a legitimate cause that the Town(edit:Council I meant) has been promoting , no citizens interested in taking up the cause?

The site gives the impression it is stand alone- maybe a citizen group like anti incineration. A call to action.

I wanted a few years ago to post something at the Mclean Centre and was told I could not because it was political in nature and they could not do it.  They used the term a Call to action at that time as well.

This is a pet project of the Mayor and if you plan to run for the TOP job how much money was spent on this as it is election spending as far as I am concerned. Who is paying for it? Do I need to do a FOI?

If Mr. Gaynor has said No to doing this covert work would he be fired like TTC Chair Gary Webster?

This spending on the domain and website design work takes time and it was done by the resources of the Town. It is a very elaborate site, or did the same company that created the new website do it? How much did they charge?

Council did not approve this, did they even know about it? Councillor Crawford nor Collier knew of it as of this  morning except for getting form emails-from the site.  (Small edit for clarity)

The website registration is public and a simple Who Is on the domain shows me the Town of Ajax - Kevin G. registered the domain.  - I have the copy of it at home if you need to see it.

Was this plan hatched out at the bar after a meeting one night?  I would not be surprised!

The Mayor has previously used the resources of the Town for his election activities and barely had his hand slapped.

Mr. Parish, do you plan to run for Regional Chair when or if it is an elected position?

I await a response and this email will be posted on my blog unedited. Hopefully it does not go missing.

Karem Allen

P.S. I had sent an email to the admin of the site last night asking if it was a citizen group and have not had a response
guess he did not want to lie to me, good thing.
There has been some potential unauthorised activity on my blog that I am looking into.

Lots of time spent on Twitter as well promoting the site!


I am on my lunch break here at work!  But the taxpayers of Ajax don’t pay my salary.