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Renrick Ashby update Liquer Licence Court Date

Friday, February 15th, 2013

I received an email from Nancy Henry, she attended the hearing and states that Renrick was not in attendance.

Here is her email.


I was in court today to view the outcome of the charges laid against Councillor Ashby.

He(Lawyer)  only represented Renrick & Nexx…….
No lawyer present for Permell & Erica Ashby.
Councillor Ashby’s lawyer told the judge that Erica and Permell had not come to see him yet….although he suspected they would and he might be representing all of them.

The lawyer received new discoveries today from the prosecution. As a result he’s asked for a continuance until, March 19,1:30.

Mr. Ashbys lawyer told the judge that they were on there way to working out a deal with the prosecution.

So…no Renrick today….no Erica or Permell. Just lawyers!


So it appears the Nexx Lounge is a Family business.   No press was in attendance that Nancy noticed.

His next date is next Friday for zoning issues.

That was a lot of Snow! - Town response was confusing!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Well it’s been a week since the big snowstorm last Friday and the snow is on it’s way to melting.   I have to tell you though I did enjoy it and was happy to see some winter for a change but living in an Urban area large amounts of snow will always present challenges for residents and Operations.

I would  not want to be a snow plow operator and I am sure the job is very hard.  I salute those that did their best to keep our roads clear.   Now on to my general feelings of the response. (more…)

Councillor wage freeze - Region of Durham

Monday, January 28th, 2013

You may have heard about the motion to have a wage freeze at the Durham Region Council.

Here are links to the speeches by our Ajax Regional Councillors,  Colleen Jordan and Mayor Steve Parish

Colleen Jordan is after the seconder of the motion, Peter Rodrigues of Pickering.
Mayor Parish   Mayor Parish references other ways to save a lot more money,  Merge Fire services with EMS  and his reasoning and size of council.    All valid arguments. 

Why did he not vote on the issue then, he said he would not support it, I have no idea.

I sent an email to Colleen to correct her report as she said All Councillors voted No.  In the time I was writing this post she replied and said she will correct her report.   Have not heard back from Parish why he missed the vote.

Credit to Kerry Casey Meydam for her youtube videos.   Here is a link to all of them if you are interested, I really liked Pickering Councillor Jennifer O’Connells, Whitby Don Mitchell can be heard on it as well.

They have to do something!   Here is the motion being moved by Councillor Akerman .

Why Councillor’s who represent the public who pay the bills have their salary increases linked to union settlements/non union staff is beyond me.

Renrick Ashby was endorsed by Ajax Firefighters association, so it would be interesting to know how he feels about Parish’s comments about merging with EMS at the Regional level.

Renrick Ashby- Page for all Information created

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

I have created a new page to house all information pertaining to Renrick Ashby and his Liquor Licence issue as more information is known.

Nancy Henry sent me a post that I put on it.

Renrick Ashby Nexx Lounge - Breaking News- zoning info

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

The Town of Ajax has laid zoning By-law charges against Renrick but it is an open investigation and the Media did not really elude to what the infractions are.   Renrick stated in the article the business had consistent uses for the zoning of the plaza. He is wrong and it is misleading to the public.   (more…)

Deport Renrick Ashby to Pickering - He violated their code of Conduct.

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Had Renrick Ashby been Ward 2 Councillor in Pickering the following would apply in this situation of his charges of operating a business without a Liquor Licence.

Pickering has a section that covers Applicable Laws and Policies: Renrick violated this as I read it.  Citizens are not expected to be lawyers and Councillor Codes are not supposed to be written in such a way that you need a lawyer to know if you broke it.  (more…)

Not a criminal offence- But are councillors above the rules?

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

The story is making the rounds now you can read it here - Excellent work Reka!
Renrick Ashby has been charged with Liquor Licence related charges - Provincial and Local By-law infractions for not having an entertainment Licence.

I laughed when the Fire department was mentioned in the article, remember the union endorsed Renrick and they put signs up for him.

Everyone knows Liquor rules!  Councillors who own a business that is a bar should be extra vigilant.  Anyone that has ever had a stag and doe party and weddings knows about liquor licences.

When you own a business you are responsible for all compliance issues, even if you entrust day to day operations to a manager– this is an excuse that I am expecting to come out.  Renrick is the President and the buck stops with him.  Does he still work with the City of Toronto?

A Councillor that enters into a business with anyone needs to also ensure who they do business with is skilled in regulation and compliance requirements to operate said Business.

I was actually thinking of giving up the blog cause I was politically bored and not too interested lately but I changed my mind.  Maybe tomorrow I will post links to some of my favourite Renrick blog posts.

How long was Renrick the owner of this place?  I have no idea who the other people are that are connected to it.
They did not comply with the Ajax Entertainment by-law and I ask ,  if there was no raid when would this have come to light that he had no Municipal Licence?  They were supposed to supply a certificate of insurance with the Town.

Can’t wait to read more as this story develops!

Next election is October 2014!
Let’s remember this incident folks! you can be sure you will be reminded though.

Who wants to go to the Next Council Meeting?

Saturday February 16th from 2-4 pm is Renrick’s unplugged session.  Maybe in addition to being unplugged he will be unhinged! 

Direct Election of the Regional Chair- Durham

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The Region of Durham is holding a public meeting tomorrow morning at 10 am,  I am taking the day off work to attend.

This is in regards to the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair position. 

I have a confession to make.  In 2006 when only Ajax, Oshawa and Pickering had the question on the ballot, I voted No.   Let me explain.  I thought at least the Chair should come from elected Councillors though. 

I was under the impression the Regional Chair was a figurehead and only chaired meetings and was like the Speaker of the house per say, I know it sounds silly but really what do other people know about his role, the average citizen , of which I was in 2006 before opening this blog.   I did not think he had a tie breaking vote though like the elected Speaker in Ottawa.
I was not as politically aware in either Ajax or Durham politics.   I don’t vote yes for something I don’t understand. 

Then…. I learned the Regional Chair moves motions and has a lot more power then I knew so in 2010 I did vote Yes. 

Over 200K in salary, moves motions, sits on every Committee, should be elected by me.

Others say- “Why not appoint from sitting Mayors or Council?” 
** I don’t get to vote for anyone but a single Ward and Regional Councillor plus my own Mayor. 
**Local candidates run local elections in scope.

Urge your Council to support this Democratic method of Selection of the Regional Chair.

 I will endorse the site :    It’s my job as a citizen do this advocacy.

If you can’t make it to the meeting tomorrow, let your views be known to Councillors, your own and WHITBY’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Sunshine more explanation needed

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Again here is what I was told in 2009 when I saw double digit increases for quite a few years in a row.

I read the response Mr. Skinner gave to news advertiser for explaining the list and the context.  What is recognition pay and what is a bonus?   (more…)

New Page on right side- Verbatim Records of meetings

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I created a new page to document the activities of this wider issue I am advocating for.

Verbatim Records of meetings.  In the pages section.