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Need Pimps in Durham!- Local suppliers needed!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Received the following in my email,  figured I would share it.    :)



Covanta and their contractor, Coutice Power Partners, are offering an Information Fair for potential local Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Service Providers of the future Durham York Energy Centre.

If your business can supply one or more of the Following products or services, you will want to attend this event. NOTE: to attend, you must be able to supply one or more of the goods or services listed below.

Millwork/ finish carpentry,

Joint sealers and Fire-stopping,

Supply of hollow metal doors and frames and finish hardware
Supply of wood doors
Ceramic tile
Resilient sheet flooring
seeding for landscape work
Supply of pimps, hoses etc. for temporary water control during excavation
Supply of concrete/formwork accessories including waterstop, rigid insulation

Rental and purchase of small tools, compressors

Concrete pumps
Waste disposal service
Window blinds
Foot grilles
Bike racks and misc weldments
Wire-mesh partitions
Portable fire extinguishers
Toilet partitions
Washroom accessories
Trailer cleaning Services
Post-construction final cleaning
Temporary sanitary facilities
Temporary construction security
Guards services
Local fuel supply
Featured fountain system
General lumber system
Door and hardware installers

Tuesday April 17 2012 (8am-11am)


Courtice Community Complex
2950 Courtice Road,
Courtice ON
L1E 2H8

To Register Contact:
Clarington Board of Trade & Economic Development Department


What is a pimp in this context?  LOL!

Public Meetings listing- Posting date — is not the date the meeting is scheduled

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Just scanning the public meetings and noticed in the new format a potential confusing issue , I will alert the Town you can be sure.

If you go to the Town’s landing page and access public meetings , it shows a date and the topic, it does not give indication the date you are seeing on first glance is only the posting date,  not the date of the meeting.  Some may think they have missed the following meeting just looking at this view alone,.

Waterfront Management and Drive Thru Study,  they were posted March 30 and April 3rd, you have to continue to the public notices page to see the posting date is what was displayed and the meeting date is another date, so these two meetings are coming up,  Waterfront meeting is Thursday April 12th and the Drive Thru Study is April 17th.

Accessing the link from my link on the blog will take you to the public meeting listing and the first one you can see with posting date , info and the actual date of the meeting,  then the listing below shows the posting date and no column for the actual meeting date.

I do think the initial view from the main page should be showing the actual date of the meeting , not the posted date.

The new site is pretty and all but I honestly thought the last one was far more functional.

CATCH Hamilton- New site on Other Ontario Watchdogs page

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I came across a new site to add to the Other Council Watchdog page.

CATCH- Citizens at City Hall-  Hamilton area.   From their website
..a volunteer community group that encourages civic participation in Hamilton. Our members attend and report on meetings of city councillors and other City committees, and carry out related research and activities.

Hey remember this guy from election in 2006 Errol Massiah

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Errol Massiah was running regionally against Scott Crawford in Wards 1 and 2,  Renrick Ashby was running in ward 2 against Joe Dickson and lost.  Then in 2007 Joe seeks the Provincial Seat in the election and won creating a vacancy that needed to be filled…. appointment or by-election…it was by-election and Renrick Ashby became the Ward 2 councillor.   Running in the right Ward is the most important thing.

Errol dropped out of the Regional Race and ran in Ward 1 local against Shaun Collier and lost.  Then shortly after he was appointed a Justice of the Peace.   I have always wondered how that appointment came to be.

Here is the story.  So good thing he lost as we don’t need that kind of person on Ajax Council now do we!  This is not just charged, this is charged and been found guilty so I can have an opinion on this. In the first article when he was charged they mentioned he ran in the election and lost, I don’t remember hearing about it but I probably did and forgot.

He was rumoured to be part of some backroom election shenanigans attempting to get someone else to drop out of the race and that person did not drop out so I speculate that is why he switched to the Ward 1 race.

Aren’t you people glad I have been here in the blogosphere since 2007? :) It was because of all the election crap that went on in 2006 that I was inspired to open this blog the next year in the first place!

Here is some more background to the  story.

Those damn parked cars on Knapton!

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

When I visit my friends in Peterborough I have to pay attention to the signs telling me which side of the street I can park on.  They don’t allow you to park your car on both sides of the street.  They split the month and from the 1st to the 15th you park on one side and from the 16th to the end of the month you can park on the other. 

Every morning I drive down my street and dodge the cars on Knapton while I make my way to Westney Road and every day there are cars parked in front of houses on both sides.    This makes it very difficult to drive and if there is a car coming from the opposite side someone has to be the gracious person and stop and wave the other through.  

We should allow parking on one side of the street only — on narrow streets, which would be most new streets in this Town.

Cars are parked on Knapton all night also, once in a while I see tickets from a blitz but I don’t care if the cars are parked on the road, I just hate it when they are on both sides of the street.

I don’t think our bylaw should only ticket on a complaint process as it creates the environment of people ratting on their neighbours, we pay bylaw to patrol and enforce don’t we?

Do we need a bylaw to stop parking on both sides of the street?   I am not in support of permit parking on the street as that is just a cash grab, I just want to have less car dodging.

Old posts and lost formatting

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I was looking at an old post and it has happened before on other posts , all the formatting is gone and the post is in one large paragraph.

I can assure you I did not originally write a post to look like that.  Not sure why it happens.   When I paste in from other sources I always use notepad as a middle step to remove any formatting. 

So if you come across any old posts and it looks like that,  please let me know so I can edit  and fix.  

I have google chrome and maybe the posts I wrote using that browser is the cause,  I had some trouble with it while writing posts so I went back to IE for post writing. 

Lockdown at Notre Dame and J Clarke - for a moment I was petrified

Monday, October 18th, 2010

For a few minutes today I was freaking out , fn twitter!  I saw the T Star feed about a lock down in a Ajax high school and that it was over.   The link would  not open for me on my phone at first and since my son is in grade 9 at a high school I was getting agitated. 

Finally I read the story that it was at Notre Dame and J Clarke,  my son does not go to that high school so I relaxed.

I never want to be in that situation again.   I can imagine what the parents of the kids from the school were going through, rumours of a hostage taking were quickly spreading via text message amongst the kids. 

It was a fake gun ,  this time.

My water tastes horrible today and yesterday

Monday, July 12th, 2010

If you are a regular bottled water drinker then everyday is probably bad for you but I am a tap water drinker and most days it is fine and I drink it.

My favourite tap water days are in the winter when it is really really cold out and water is just as cold as coming out of the fridge.Today and the day before or so I was outside and came in for a drink– could not even drink a few mouthfuls.If this happens every time it is warm out then I better keep a few bottles of Dasani on hand– that is the only bottled water I drink.

The Mayor’s law office is FINALLY painted on the outside!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

For years , not sure how many but I have driven past the Mayor’s law office and would cringe at the exterior and the peeling gray paint. When exterior’s of buildings are not maintained it just makes the whole area look a little run down.

I drove by the other day and could not believe my eyes! It is painted and looks so much better!

Nice Curb appeal , it’s about time. No this is not an important Ajax issue but I live in this neighbourhood and the office is one of the commercial buildings in this little stretch.

Parking at the Waterfront - Email from Robert MacArthur- Happy Canada Day?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

The following is what I received in my Email today.

Like Ajax Home Week Festivities on the waterfront, the Town of Ajax Canada Day celebrations cost many $25 to attend. Why you ask? Two reasons really. Firstly, not enough available parking at Rotary Park, and secondly, the failure of the Town to realize that maybe they should have turned off the parking bylaw enforcement, at least until the celebrations were done. So many of those that parked on the streets surrounding the Canada Day party received a $25 parking ticket. The Town’s web site stated that parking on the street would be permitted, but some restrictions would apply. Why have any restrictions for such a festivity? Accept for blocking driveways, emergency lanes, intersections, and such, why would the Town allow ticketing to be done for those just parked along the road to enjoy the Canada Day celebration. Even those that volunteered to help the Town out were getting ticketed.

If I was council, I would be embarrassed. Promoting and getting people to come down to join in the celebration and then to ticket them while they are there is ridiculous. I can just imagine if it happened to those that were visiting Ajax! Won’t they have a nice memory of us.

For most of the day the Rotary Park parking lot was either full or people were not allowed to park there. So where else are they supposed to park?

The Town’s web site was misleading and not detailed enough, and the Town should have had notices up in the areas people were not supposed to park on this special day.

Again though, they should have not been any ticketing while the celebration was going on. I hope all that received tickets fight them.

As Ward One Councillor I will do my best to ensure that this kind of mistake does not happen again.

Robert MacArthur
Candidate for Ward One Councillor
2010 Town of Ajax Municipal Election, Durham Region