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Just something to watch - Steve Parish to replace Steve Gilchrist?? just speculating

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Read the linked to post about Steve Gilchrist - who is QM I wonder :)

I saw today in the Star our Mayor being quoted in the property tax story in Toronto Star, I will write more on that later.

Is our Mayor for the Airport since it is a —”driving force” to draw business. Is our environmental greenbelt Mayor wanting a polluting airport overhead?

Hasn’t the Mayor been all over the media lately?? hmmm makes one think, what is he up to? quite a few recent appearances on First Take Live, manages to get himself in the Toronto Star as being a quoted Mayor on issues. Using Council to make comments about higher levels of Government.

Could he be raising his profile for something???????

I seem to recall him reminding Ward 2 candidates to not use the Council chamber question period to campaign and there would be no tolerance for it.

Well he better remember that and practice what he preaches.

See why it is important to watch the local level? very very closely I will add! This could be perfect timing and no by-election needed for Mayor either , the next person could get the job just like he did— appointed then be the incumbent. Doesn’t anyone run for Mayor in this Town and win elections or do we just appoint everyone to be Mayor?

It is far easier to be re-elected when you were appointed to the job!

Incinerator and Uranium, 2 separate issues common theme

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Here is a post on the Clarington Watchdog. Take the time to care. The regular people that are opposing it will be there but what is missing is just the average citizen that has read a few things in the news. The councillors really do not expect you to come out in droves, they expect the regular crew of activists and protesters, the environmental “wing nuts” they know how to deal with them as they have been dealing with them for months. They are viewed as the minority, the silent majority needs to be involved.

Residents, Educate yourself and ask Question. Mayor Parish asked about ICI and plans for this stream of garbage. I am waiting for answers on it also. I am going to try to go myself but I have to come from Mississauga from work so no promises but I will get a report on the outcome. (more…)

Nuclear Safety– local voices [edit- regional link]

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

This post is in the Federal Section, I do not usually bring Federal issues into this blog but we are right next door to Pickering and it affects us as a region.

I am currently reading the Star online and it is about the Chalk River issue, reader feedback and there are some references to the Pickering plant and a former Pickering Councillor giving their take. (more…)