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Marc Garneau coming to the Durham area

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Marc Garneau who is a candidate for the Federal Liberal Leadership is coming to the Durham Region area, here are the details.

Marc Garneau will be in the Durham Region area on Sunday - This Sunday so mark your calendars. First Stop is Durham Federal Riding AGM - Annual General Meeting in Blackstock at the Blackstock Rec centre 3440 Church Street 2-3:15 pm.
THEN to Oshawa
4-5 pm at the Oshawa Airport Enterprise Hanger 1191 Keith Ross Drive Oshawa.

I will be going to Oshawa event!

Federal Riding Redistribution - Durham Region- Ajax

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I learned tonight that if I had any comments regarding the redistribution of Federal election ridings I only have until
April 3oth to submit comments.

Too bad our press or my MP did not put anything out on this issue.  Here is an article with the email of where you can submit your comments.

More then likely Ajax will become it’s own and would loose the Pickering portion.

Any thoughts on this?

Based on population Ajax will be on it’s own.

Town of Ajax should send in an official communication supporting the more then likely that we should be our own Riding.

Pickering needs to decide what’s best for them,  take in more of Scarborough?

Happy New Year- a little late

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Happy New Year!  The Steamplant issue is finally resolved from what I heard.   That is all I know at the moment.

Every four years some of us would ponder why our Town had to pack up and go elsewhere for it’s Educational Strategic planning session ,  when I would ask I was told they went out of town so they would not be concerned with local distractions. This year they seem willing to put up with local distractions because it is being held at Carruthers Marsh Pavilion over a day and a half.   If they want the Orillia feel for a bit they can shoot up to the slots I guess.

Here is a link to the Agenda .

The Mayor is on a mission to have the stimulus funds not shut off for the Village I read,  budget is coming up next month.

If you want to send me postings go ahead , I am busy at work currently so my energy level for blogging is in a bit of a dip downward.   I have renewed the blog for another year so no worries , I am not going away just taking a breather.

If something earth shattering occurred I will post it.

St. Francis - What does refine mean? oh I know- throw it together

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

The following is a copy of an email I recently sent to the CAO of Ajax- Brian Skinner and the Director of Finance, Rob Ford. (more…)

Well Done Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 Gold Medals Whoot!

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Election- It’s over, at least for a few years.

Friday, October 17th, 2008

I am happy with the results of course and I hope this blog added to some local election excitement :)

To those that feel we are being short changed by not having an MP on the governing side, it is not true. I have read research on the fact and it turns out we are probably better off because Mark is aggressive enough to fight for us. In order for an opposition MP to be effective he has to be strong and that is Mark Holland. We win by having an MP with experience. Had Rick won we would be starting off at the beginning again, would Mr. Johnson have a cabinet position? probably not. (more…)

Is this the kind of Party Rick Johnson wants to be in ? Peter MacKay does not like “outsiders”

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

The following is a copy of a note I typed in facebook and I tagged a lot of people to spread the comments I had to make.

Are the feelings toward outsiders expressed by Peter MacKay , Minister of Defence shared by Rick Johnson the local Conservative Candidate ? (more…)

Negative Option Lawn Signs– Rick Johnson Campaign - News from A Harper Supporter

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I received an email today but I told the writer that it was too long and I would only post some exerpts in the post. Here is the document if you want to read the entire letter.

The theme of the story is Brian Johnson received a Rick Johnson Lawn sign that he never ordered. Brian is no relation to Rick Johnson.

The funny part is Rick Johnson’s office declared the sign being on his lawn a trick by Liberals and that they never placed the sign there in the first place. They have accused the Liberals of stealing conservative signs and moving them to other lawns.

Brian was in receipt of a letter that states if the lawn sign was not ordered to please contact the campaign office and they will remove it “right away” .

So this is what they are doing? putting signs on lawns — then will remove it if you really want them to. hmmm.

Let me add, this is a tactic from the municipal level , I know people who did it in a previous election. This won’t be tolerated at this level.

Here is the letter from Rick Johnson in an image file.

The following is some excerpts from the letter. (Chosen by me- remember I am biased) (more…)

Fair Representation - Support from Pickering - Sort of

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I just saw this article online and it gives proof to an opinion I have voiced to some people.

Rick Johnson did not take a leave of absence to run in Federal Election, he said in an earlier article that he will continue to serve his local constituents and be able to fulfill his duties. His pay is going to charity but he did say he was going to work.

He was absent from the vote. If he had voted his motive is called into question.

He should be taking a leave of absence and leave Charity donations to the taxpayers of Pickering. Who get’s the tax receipt for his salary donation ? The City of Pickering or Rick Johnson ?

Federal Election -

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

To those that think I am bias…. You are right. I am not a journalist so I can have opinions :) I am a Team Holland Member and I will do what I can to help send Mark back to Ottawa.

We are in an election now and even a Federal election will have local perspective.

What are the issues you feel are important ? Is this election even registering with you? I heard on the radio this morning that our leaders debate is scheduled at the same time as the Palin - Biden US VP debate. How dumb is that?

One thing I want to comment on, it seems that our government is moving to the model of the cell phone industry.
When you are a new customer to a mobile phone service provider you get all the savings and great deals, then ask what you get in a year as an existing customer! The mass amount of spending going on right now is just the same.

CBC says the excise tax on diesel will be removed if the Tories win, ok why not last year when the truckers were protesting around the world due to the high cost?

All comments will be approved as long as they adhere to my rules. I will not edit Conservative supporters opinions :)

In regards to the Green Leader and the debates, the party crossed a milestone in the last election, they qualified for Government funding so really Elizabeth should be allowed in. The Party is National in Scope. I understand not letting in every fringe party but if funding is obtained it should be granted debate status.