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Ward 2 - More running and some who are not - Community Safety

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Added to the list of candidates are shown here

There are more to come.

Everyone in ward 2 has a big decision to make, get to know the candidates that are running and make sure they represent the values and the vision you see for this place called Ajax. Do you have a vision? (more…)

Ward Boundries– Realignment needed

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

This is not being announced, it is just something I have been thinking about.

Back in the summer there were some community safety issues and when they make the press sometimes negative perceptions are floated around and then you hear “North Ajax” in a sentence about trouble and crime. (more…)

Council Meeting - Resident Delegation

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

I was at the council meeting Monday September 10th - here is the agenda online with a link. The minutes are available also.

What the minutes do not tell you is that Mr. Carito was advised to get on the agenda and make his 5 minute delegation by his councillor- Mr. Joe Dickson. Mr. Carito has been dealing these issues for quite some time it seems.

Mr. Carito became frustrated when one of the first things he was asked if he “Contacted his Councillor” then “Have you called the Regional Police” .

The question and answer period continued but Mr. Carito was still asking questions and was reprimanded on the fact that he had his 5 minutes. It seems you have only 5 minutes to speak on issues of concern then the question from council members of course is not included in this 5 minutes but it does not state anywhere on the Town site that the resident does not get to have the last word.

We understand the fact that we can not have riots and near brawls– they keep that to the in-camera meetings :) However it was obvious to many that Mr. Carito’s frustration was from process and lack of guidance on protocol.

Why did the Mayor not know Mr. Carito had already attempted to deal with these issues before the last ditch effort of addressing Council?

This same meeting saw a by-law that says 4 more by-law officers have been hired.
Mr. Carito was followed up with as stated by by-law office. These issues are not easy to solve and I think Council needs to realize the fact that residents are looking for answers but if you don’t have the answers then just say - You don’t know. Most of the issues Mr. Carito is concerned with are happening all over and for lack of a better word– society in general.

I don’t have the answers for North Ajax but root issues need to be addressed and simply closing a walkway obviously has not solved anything. Mr. Carito made his presentation after that walkway was closed. I do know that people need to call police even after the fact because then they have the statistics.

Presentations of more positive nature have no time limit.

Here is what he had in his document to present. These are his words.

My name is Pasquale Carito. I have been a resident of Ajax for aprox. 9 years. I come here today to talk to Council about a number of safe community issues that are being overseen.

1. Fletcher runs north and south between Kerrison and Fishlock. This street has a higher volume of traffic, both auto and pedestrian, then the other residential streets. There are 2 schools located at either end of Fletcher however there is not one stop sign on Fletcher. It has become a drag strip for many a motorist. This needs to be address asap.

2. A new plaza was built at the south-west corner of Harwood and Rossland. Every since, the surrounding streets has had nothing but litter from people that frequent that plaza. Not a single day passes that I do not have to clean up trash off of my property. The streets are filthy, I never see a city worker cleaning the streets.

3. Numerous times through the last 3 or so years I have had to call on both Durham Police and the Bylaw office concerning a noise complaint. Both sides have been passing the buck so to speak. To this day I haven’t been notified on what was done about the situation.

4. My neighbourhood is not patrolled enough by Durham Police. I very rarely see them in the neighbourhood unless there is a problem. I feel if there was more of a police presence that situations would not be as they are today.