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Municipalooza! Tuesday April 16th !!!!! Free Forum,

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

First in a Series of speaker forums focusing on Topics from a Municipal level point of view.

Tuesday April 16th -  Rotary Room in Ajax Library
55 Harwood Avenue South
Ajax, Ontario

I am very happy all speakers are confirmed for Municipalooza Tuesday April 16th
Doors open at 6pm - Panel begins 6:30 event ends 8:30 pm.

Kelly Guthrie Community Engagement Coordinator  from the City of Guelph will be sharing her knowledge of Participatory Budgeting as a concept and how the City of Guelph uses this to engage citizens”
Kelly has spoken about this topic on CBC radio in the past.

Maddie Di Muccio , Councillor Town of Newmarket, Regular Columnist  Toronto Sun  will talk about Council Transparency.

Joey Coleman , - Is Canada’s first crowdfunded journalist. Based in Hamilton, Joey covers all municipal government and board meetings, responds to reader inquiries at all hours, and livestreams from breaking news events. Prior to breaking out on his own, Joey worked for Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail. A nerd at heart, Joey is a leader in Hamilton’s Open Data movement believing that journalism is not gatekeeping, but gate-opening.
The topic of Joey’s talk is entitled “Building an Open Data ecosystem for all to access, not just elites”

How do we build open data so it is accessible to all citizens and not just those with specialized skills such as information management or coding? In Hamilton, municipal open data is being implemented because of advocacy among neighbourhood associations and community groups, not solely from the developer community, with the goal of ensuring all citizens can use open data.

It’s a unique partnership - what does it mean for open data, open government, and civic engagement?
Join this discussion as we explore the question.


Elliot Lake and Emergency Plans

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

First off,  it is a tragedy that happened in Elliot Lake and the ultimate responsibility lies with the owner of the Mall and I await an investigation as I heard that all property roof work inspections were passed. 

The response to the Emergency continues to make the press.  

I just want to point out that Elliot Lake is a single Tier Municipality– no Regional structure.  This is their Emergency Plan.   Every Municipality has them, time and resources have been spent putting them together.    The definition is broad and the mall collapse does fit into it.  (more…)

Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Keep having meetings — people will come-  South Ajax take note please.

Chris Alexander was not in attendance but sent a Rep, Joe Dickson was in for a while.

Ward 2 would like to invite the Mayor to come to the next one and answer their questions.

Different community , some common issues but unlike the last Ward 1 meeting I went to there were no budget questions- I don’t mean Michael Baker budget questions but there were a few on the process from the last one but this meeting crowd was more interested in services.   One question about the increasing taxes every year.

The meetings will continue to be informal, the feedback was quarterly was enough for meeting frequency.  One person did say that he was at the last one so he wanted a section for followup - he used the word action items I think.   Which is what should happen, it has to be two way , residents can’t just continue to voice concerns without updates on the solutions.

Also I learned that the reason the Council meeting was cancelled Monday was there is a conference in the City and guess what– The Mayor is staying in the City for the duration whereas Shaun said he was going back and forth daily.  It started on Sunday and finishes today or tomorrow, I forgot that part.

Near the end Renrick brought up the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair and a few people put their hands up that they support it, the rest never really thought about it and some think it’s a good idea.   Since Renrick brought up the structure of Regional Government it gave me the opportunity to inform the crowd that our Mayor who is also a Regional Council has only attended 2 Health and Social Services Committee meetings I asked him why , he said “Why don’t you ask him”  I said I will,  then he asked the crowd if they would like the Mayor invited to a meeting to respond to questions, they said yes.   OK but I will ask him before that happens.

I will update more later.

Ward 1 Meeting - It was a good meeting

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

On Wednesday I attended the Ward 1 meeting held by Councillor Marilyn Crawford,  on my facebook it was pointed out that Councillor Crawford had lost in the last election, oops, I forgot about him.  When I saw Crawford I mean Marilyn now. 

When I arrived I was surprised by the amount of people in attendance 30+, it was held at Vimy Ridge school on Telford Street, perhaps the communication from the school is better then others, there were community representatives from Neighbourhood watch in attendance as well.   Here is a google map link to the area, since I was not a resident of the ward some references to street names and the surrounding references did not mean anything to me.  (more…)

Councillor Report Cards– I don’t have one - Bike Lanes

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

I see the report cards are out but since I have not made it out to a meeting practically all term I would not feel right about issuing one.  Council as a whole and the Councillors.

I pick and choose what I am interested in  like most people, I find it impossible to keep up on everything AND have a full time job that takes me to Mississauga and back.   My peeve about expenses is multiple councillors going to the same conference. 

Still waiting to hear on Freedom of information request submitted,  it has only been a week though.


Duffins Park incident- kids run over -updated 10pm

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I read this article online, it is reprinting stories from the Star since it has local relevance.  

I remember when this happened and thought it was crazy the kids were run over.  I went looking for the original new-stories from metroland , the search feature goes back quite a few years.  I searched on a variety of terms but could not locate the story.  It was front page news at the time ,  there was a picture of grass area if memory serves me. 

I wonder why the story was gone from the archives. 
[edit] I found the article finally, searching only on the term SIU -  The article did not use the officer’s name.

Ajax has Knights on Guard to patrol our parks for extra security.  What would have been the outcome if it had been one of their officers patrolling that ran over the kids? 

What kind of powers do Knights on Guard have in our parks ? If your teenager is just hanging around like a lot of kids do,  what will happen ?   Are they just told to vacate the park ?   Not all groups of kids in a location are out to cause trouble and they need to be treated fairly while assessing the situation.  

What I would like to know is if Knights on Guard comes across a group of people , what are their powers and what is the complaint process for Citizens if something happens ? Just contact our Bylaw ? 

Just something to think about,  I want safe parks as much as you do but I also want to be sure innnocent kids are not treated like criminals by security officers.

Policing comment from Chief Ewles via Roger Anderson

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I had sent an email to Roger Anderson inquiring about how Ajax Police Service levels are determined.   After hearing about our lack of service from the region at the debates I thought it would be helpful information. 

This is the response I received today in my email.

Here are some comments from Chief Ewles on your questions.

The bottom line is that Ajax staffing levels have never been affected by the closing of the Ajax station at 990 Westney Road back in the 1990’s. The recent configuration of the patrol zones through PSAP have better balanced officer workload for Ajax-Pickering officers by having the North Durham Units patrol farther south.
I will not provide operational staffing numbers to be placed or used on a blog for obvious officer and community safety reasons.
The next major decision for the DRPS will come as Seaton comes on line- namely do we build a new Ajax Station for the 100k plus resident and free up space in Pickering to allow additional Seaton officers  to work out of 19 Division. for 70 thousand or so residents to come.
Those discussions should take place sooner rather than later as Season is only holding a placemarker in our long term capital.

Roger A

So what do you think?  It appears we need Regional Councillors that will help this decision be made. 

It’s a fire route stupid! Parking lot hell in Ajax

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Unlike a municipality that has an actual downtown where you park the car along the road and walk up and down on a sidewalk , we have large spread out plazas that have parking lots and spaces for our cars.

I am so fed up with people sitting idling their cars in fire routes , “just for a minute” . (more…)

H1N1 - What’s the deal with no clinic in Ajax?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I was checking into the Clinic locations and see that Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby and Pickering all have H1N1 Flu clinics.

Why doesn’t Ajax have an H1N1 Clinic of it’s own ? I just spoke to my Mother in Fonthill and she does not have to go to Welland to get her shot, she will go to the local firehall and get one. She is just as close to Welland as we are to Pickering.

I would like to know why Whitby does not have to share with Oshawa ?

We have enough of a population that our council keeps harping about another politician to pay at the Region level but no one makes enough noise about an H1N1 clinic in town ?

Will we get one on Monday for the people not deemed high risk ?

“City of Ajax”– Community Safety presentation

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

I was at the rally for Stephan Dion prior to arriving late for the presentation of the Draft Ajax Community Safety strategy , this plan will be presented to Council in October. It is a good plan on paper and I hope the aspirations in it are realised. Common themes raised by the large number of citizens in attendance was early intervention with youth and the need for more access to recreation programs for youth before they get into trouble. Building neighbourhoods and supporting communities. Traffic safety and feeling safe while getting around town. Getting to know your neighbours. (more…)