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Youth Council - Press Release

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I was sent this in my email— I am pasting it in as received- no editing by me at all.


Ajax, ON (July 24, 2009) – Today, Interim Executive Director of the Ajax Youth Council, Kurtis McAleer met with Regional Councillor for Wards 3 & 4, Colleen Jordan at Ajax Town Hall to discuss various different issues regarding youth but mainly stuck to discussing the possibility of an Ajax Youth Council.

The meeting lasted over an hour and a half and McAleer said at some points the meeting did get a bit tense when some pressure was put on the councillor weather she would support it if it came to a recorded vote on council. Councillor Jordan advised McAleer that his best route was to either approach council with the idea which is a formal procedure or to present it to the general government committee where it’s more informal and more open for discussion.

McAleer did say that Councillor Jordan seemed very open to the idea and advised McAleer to prepare something in a letter format to make it more formal and to have something that Councillor’s and other members of the town can read and get a quick outline without having to have non-stop meetings.

McAleer and newly appointed Deputy Executive Director & Youth Engagement Committee Member, Hannah Maracle are expected to attend various town events starting with a youth open house at the Ajax Community Centre on July 27th. McAleer & Maracle are also meeting with Councillor’s Ashby, Dies & Regional Councillor Crawford as well as MPP Dickson & MP Holland. McAleer did email Councillor Brown but has yet to receive a response.

Once Ajax Youth Council Executives finish meetings with all of the Councillor’s they will proceed to meet with the Mayor and go from there weather it be presenting to council, committee or coming up with a different solution. The town currently has a youth engagement committee but the two organizations have a completely different set up, YEC is about getting youth involved with the town and town activates where the AYC is all about getting youth involved in town politics and issues effecting the youth in the town.

Kurtis McAleer
(905) 550 5371


Allan Williams “Ajax”

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Many of you have arrived at this blog searching for Information on the death of Allan Williams. Here is a link to the notice in the Toronto Star.

I only met Al Williams through an Election. I do not know him well. However we did exchange a few emails and if there were any hard feelings after the election it was not evident.

I liked reading his letters to the editor, some more then others but I will highlight this one in the Star because I know it is all Al , sometimes his letters are perhaps the voice of a collective group with a political slant.

Reading this one , it is all Al and his own personality comes through in it. This was in response to Earth Hour and his words are so true. Did the masses that turned off their lights for an hour continue to practice conservation or other endeavours ?
Lights out for pollution

March 20

I am someone who only uses compact fluorescents or LED lights. I take the old bulbs back to Home Depot for recycling. I drive a compact fuel-efficient car. We replaced all our lawn with drought tolerant or native plants. We recycle. We don’t fill our garage with wasteful purchases and complain about the need for on-street parking. We use solar power to run the garden pond. I bike or hike regularly.

I don’t get Earth Hour. The absurdity that somehow turning off the lights for an hour will create this wave of consciousness baffles me. Lets all break out into a chorus of some 1960s anthem. It’s not about craziness it’s about consciousness. How many people are driving to their Earth Hour festivity?

We fill the headlines with how much of our money is going to be spent by government on monster projects for garbage and power generation. Where are the real incentives for individuals to make a difference?

How about 10 per cent of the $150 million (for the incinerator) to include schools, apartments and businesses in the composting program? How about 10 per cent of the $40 billion (for nuclear power) for solar power. Real solutions involve people. Real solutions promote personal involvement. Real solutions are not always mega projects.

Allan Williams, Ajax

I know the environment was a passion of his as was his involvement with trails - he was on the Trails Advisory Committee, he was a Past Library Chair also.

I would like to see News Advertiser do a full story on his contributions to the community and it would also be a fitting tribute to rename a portion of one of our nice trails after him or an upcoming new trail after him.

My condolences to his family.

RASAN News- Miles Park meeting

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Open House scheduled for next week, Thursday, April 10th, 6:30PM at Cadarackque PS for the purpose of hearing about and inputting ideas for designs of our new Miles Park.

New link added- Columnist from Ajax

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

I’m placing a new link on the blogroll and Links section. I currently have a direct link to the columns of T. Star columnist Royson James because he writes on municipal issues. Thursday I read a column by the former Star Opinions page editor Bob Hepburn and right in his article he stated he is from Ajax, I don’t know if he lives here now but obviously he is still very familiar with our “Town” — (more…)

Candidate Watch– Back to 11. 4:34

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Raymond Duranni (withdrawn as of Jan. 10, 2008)

Maybe I should stop counting ?

Recap — 2 Withdrawls in total and one new Candidate today.

Candidate Watch- Back to 12 now

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

The following Candidate brings the count back to 12. I counted twice I am sure now.

Tina Bertram-
See all info here

Durham/York EFW meeting - Newmarket.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I received an email from Oliver Forbes who attended the meeting in York Region yesterday. The below is the text of the email. (more…)

Candidate Watch– Now it is 12 yesterday was 11

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I need glasses. Yesterday I said 12 when I meant 11. Now as of 3:19 pm
Jan 3rd it sits at 12 Candidates in the Ward 2 by-election.
Do we have a 13? going once..twice…

11) Kevin W. Kretschmann
63 Montebello Cres.
Ajax, ON L1T 4P2
Phone: 905-683-1123
Cell: 416-659-1797

Edit: This person is the 12th– yesterday was 11.

12)Raymond Duranni– edit withdrawn.
Not that Gender matters because we do have some women on the council but no interested women in this race?
No I am not running, thanks to those that asked me to.

Rant - Letter to Editor issue - when is a lawyer not a lawyer?

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Oct 9/07 - From Minutes of a Council meeting.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest Mayor Parish noted that he would be absent from the October 15, 2007 Community Affairs and Planning Committee meeting as the only agenda item involves a public meeting to consider land use planning applications submitted by Whitetail Properties. Mayor Parish disclosed an interest with respect to these applications as a client of his law practice has an interest in the subject lands.

I was wrong - I do apologize - sort of [edit law society]

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

It seems my letter to the editor has actually caused the Mayor to want to respond– see letter to the editor page lower right side. I said the Mayor should quit being a lawyer.

edit[10:04 am]
This expires as it session based– type in the last name of Parish and you will see 2 lawyers displayed- both in private pracice.

Member Contact Information
Full Name Steven Philip Parish
Status Status definitions In Private Practice
Company Name Parish & Bloodworth
Business Address
36 Harwood Ave S
Ajax Ontario

L1S 2B6

Phone 905 683 2254
Fax 905 428 3473
Email address Withheld

This has the Mayor’s status with the Law Society as practicing. There is a status available for what he says he is. The Law Society directory is as of close of Business yesterday. Does it take a year to update the directory?
I admit I feel less like an idiot now .